Dental health and mental health

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Everyone understands that good dental hygiene keeps your gums healthy and prevents foul breath and tooth decay. But did you know that the status of your teeth may indicate a lot about your mental health?

Today, it is becoming increasingly clear that oral health and mental health are inextricably linked. Although they may appear to be worlds apart, your teeth may tell their own tale, and trips to the dentist are proving to be critical in helping patients get the correct type of psychological care that they might not have had otherwise.

Huong Le, a Chief Dental Officer, discusses the integration of behavioral health services in dental clinics in this article from the Alameda Health Consortium. Le adds that looking at the condition of a patient’s teeth might reveal a lot about their mental health. Anorexia and bulimia, substance misuse, and domestic violence can all show up in the teeth. These evident linkages between dental and mental health can help patients obtain the counseling and assistance they need, which they would not have rebig smileceived otherwise.

How might the link between dental and mental health benefit us?

According to Huong Le, during dental consultations, the dentist spends more time with the patients, establishing a trusting and pleasant environment. People believe they can open up more about themselves and their feelings in these situations, which they may not have done otherwise.

Dental and mental health are both important aspects of our overall well-being. Who’d have guessed that a dental check-up would lead to assistance when you’re unclear where to turn?

Dentists, according to Huong Le, are not trained to advise or assist these customers mentally, thus they search for appropriate counselors to direct them to for more aid.


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