Free consultation for teeth straightening: video or in-person

For beautiful straight teeth, our practice can match the smile solution that works best for your smile and your budget. Braces, even invisible braces, are surprisingly affordable at Westbrook House Dental. Find out now about much braces cost, and how much Invisalign braces cost. We aim for beautiful smiles and affordable costs for braces.

Book a free initial consultation from the comfort of your own home via video, or schedule a visit to our Newbury location. We can do an initial assessment (even over video!) and guide you through the next steps.  You will be pleasantly surprised by our extremely competitive pricing for clear braces (Invisalign braces), aesthetic tooth-coloured ceramic braces, and metal braces. Outstanding quality and keeping the costs for braces lower are our priorities.

Schedule a free video consultation from the comfort of your own home for clear or metal braces, including the cost for invisible braces and cost for metal braces

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    Find out the cost for Invisalign braces and the cost for metal braces. Affordable smile solutions for your needs and budget. Teeth straightening using invisible (Invisalign), ceramic, or metal braces. We are open for dental treatment, including affordable braces (clear braces, braces for kids, braces for adults)

    For your safety, we will limit the number of people in the practice at one time, work to make sure that you are in the practice only for the time needed to take care of your dental needs, and that you are fully protected while we take care of your smile! At all times we will follow all safety protocols for your safety. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you smile with confidence.

    Get a price for Invisalign braces. Affordable cost for invisible braces at Westbrook House Dental.

    Get the affordable teeth-straightening solution that works best for your smile and your budget (including Invisalign)

    At our practice, we will help you navigate to the teeth-straightening solution that matches your goals. Our solutions include Invisalign, ceramic braces, and metal braces.

    How much do braces cost at Westbrook House Dental in Newbury? Find out now.Invisalign braces offer invisible teeth straightening. Invisalign addresses cosmetic concerns with the front “smiling” teeth and typically shows results in months. Some smile solutions can significantly reduce the treatment time compared with traditional braces. Tooth-coloured ceramic braces feature smaller, smoother brackets than traditional metal braces. Book your initial assessment today and discover more about the smile-changing treatment that will work best for you!

    For children 7 – 11: Early orthodontics

    Traditional orthodontic treatment generally requires children to wait until they are at least 12 before having braces. Early orthodontics involves an assessment at an earlier age. If needed, there are now a number of gentle, non-invasive treatment options that can be considered. Click here for details. Check out the cost for braces for kids.