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What They’re Saying About Us

“The dental service is friendly and personal without being invasive and all the team remembers you – also the surgery is very well presented.”


“I am not local at all to Newbury anymore, so the fact that I travel so far should be a credit to Dr Meroz and his team. Many thanks for your great service at a great price.”


“In all the treatment I have had with Dr Meroz, which is two implants, he has been very patient and swift. He is also very efficient and gentle which, if you don’t like having treatment, is excellent. He explained the process clearly and doesn’t mind if you need to ask additional questions. Vicky offered excellent support as the dental nurse.”


“The service is very well priced, and this made a huge difference to whether I could proceed with the treatment at that time. There are not many surgeries like Westbrook.”


“We could not be more thrilled with the results and my daughter, who watched the course of treatment, is now happy to proceed with her braces. I highly recommend Westbrook.”


“I am especially pleased with the comfort of my new teeth, because I no longer grind my teeth. My previous dentist did not even notice this condition. My new implant has made a tremendous difference to the balance and wear of all my other teeth.”