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Fully Restored Implant from £999. Free consultation. Call now.

There are lots of good reasons to consider a dental implant. You can get your smile back, you can eat all foods without problems, and you can speak normally. Get the confidence that comes with having a full set of healthy teeth in your smile. But, what about the cost of implants? The good news is that implants at Westbrook House Dental Surgery are very affordable, and may cost much less than what you think. Professional implant care can and should be affordable. We believe in affordable implants. At Westbrook House Dental Surgery, a fully restored implant is available from £999. We will work hard to make sure that you get the implant that you need at a price that you can afford.

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After your consultation, you will get a detailed price, but for many patients the cost of a fully restored implant will be as low as £999. This fixed price includes the cost of the surgical placement and the restoration of the implant with a porcelain crown.

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How long will my implant last?

Usually, an implant will last for life. Dental implants are considered the most successful dental procedure. In skilled hands, patients experience a success rate exceeding 97% for dental implants. Indeed, modern implants placed over 40 years ago are still working today.

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