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How to choose a dentist for a dental implant

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Westbrook House Dental

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Westbrook House Dental

When you need to choose a dentist for a dental implant, DON’T CHOOSE JUST ANY DENTIST. Positioning a dental implant requires skill and experience to do it right way. When your dental implant is placed by a knowledgeable and experienced professional, you can expect your dental implant to last a lifetime. At Westbrook House Dental Surgery, Dr Daniel Meroz has a long track record of successful dental implants. With more than two thousand implants placed in patients, and successfully incorporating follow up dental implant care into routine treatment at Westbrook House Dental Surgery, you can expect the skill and experience that you need.

Choosing a dental implant dentist

Unlike orthodontics, for example, dental implant placement is not considered a specialty within dentistry. So, when choosing a dental implant dentist, should consider the following factors to judge training and experience with implant dentistry.

  • How long has the dentist been working with dental implants?
  • How much training has the dentist had in implant dentistry?
  • How many previous dental implant patients have been treated successfully?
  • Are there dental implant before/after pictures available from previous patients?
  • Is there a plan in place to coordinate treatment between the dental surgery and you?
  • Does the dental implant dentist have high ratings from previous patients?

Will your dentist work with you to make the implant a success?

Will your dental implant dentist listen to your needs, and explain the options to you? Is the dental office equipped to provide you with follow-up care? Will your dentist work with you to make your dental implants affordable? At Westbrook House Dental Surgery, the answer is yes on all counts. Dr Meroz is known for his patient, calming and affable manner. And, our office is fully equipped and prepared – as part of the everyday care that we provide – to make sure that you get the support and follow-up care that you need.

Selecting the right dental implant dentist can make the difference between a successful or failed dental implant. Choosing a good implant dentist can determine the fate of your teeth and gums, since an unsuccessful implant can significantly damage your jaw bone.

Choose a dentist for implants that will meet YOUR needs

Make sure that your dentist is skilled in different implant options, and ask your dentist to choose the specific implant that best suits your needs. Unfortunately, some dentists just train in one specific implant system. To make sure that we tailor implant treatment for your needs, Dr Meroz is skilled in different types of implants, and he will match treatment suggestions to YOUR needs.

appropriate treatment, the first time, done right

Do it right the first time. At Westbrook House Dental Surgery, we are set up to treat implants routinely. Our view is that the best treatment, the first time, done right is the most important goal for keeping you healthy and avoiding  future complications.

Reach out now. Take the implant self-assessment, or fill in the contact form and click Send. Schedule a free consultation at Westbrook House Dental to meet with Dr Meroz and explore your options.