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Dental Implants

Get Dental implants in Newbury at at Westbrook House Dental Surgery

Lost teeth, whatever the cause, should be replaced, not only for appearance but also for function and to preserve the position of the other teeth. Dental implants can keep your smile bright and keep you healthy.

The most common way to replace teeth is either a bridge or denture, but where circumstances are suitable, the treatment of choice should be by using dental implants.

Dr. Meroz, the Principal of Westbrook House Dental Surgery, has vast experience in the placement of dental implants spanning over 15 years.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for the root of a tooth that is anchored into bone of the jaw to act as a support for a crown, bridge or a fixed denture. Implants are made from a special material called titanium, which is well tolerated by body tissues and fuses easily with bone.

The advantages of dental implants

Although dental implants are more expensive than other methods, the advantages are manifold. Using a bone implant reduces the loss of bone tissue in the jaw which occurs naturally once a tooth has been lost, which may lead to changes in the shape of the jaw. Click here for more information about the affordability of dental implants at Westbrook House Dental Surgery.

Another advantage is improved function; crowns, bridges or dentures that are fixed on implants function just as well as natural teeth so you can eat all foods without problems, speak normally and have the confidence that comes with keeping natural teeth.

Dental implants just need regular dental hygiene, avoiding the cumbersome care required with non-fixed dentures. Implanted teeth also look better, and in fact may be almost indistinguishable from your normal teeth.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Regain your confident smile and retain your active, youthful lifestyle with dental implants. For a consultation on how we can help you with dental implants in our Newbury dental office, call now for your free initial consultation, or just fill in the form and click Send.

To find out more about how affordable dental implants can be, call our office today for an appointment or click here for more information about affordable dental implants.