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Should I get a dental implant?

should I get a dental implant in Newbury at at Westbrook House Dental Surgery?A question that we commonly hear is, “should I get a dental implant”? If a dental implant is appropriate for your needs (click here for a free self-assessment), the answer is most often a resounding “yes”. The effects of waiting or delaying a dental implant are medical, emotional, and financial.

We all know people with missing teeth. Do you know that the effects of missing teeth can be harmful in multiple dimensions?

Is there any gain from delay?

Leaving missing teeth unattended tends to aggravate your dental health. Delaying your dental implant can cause you to suffer from to tooth shifting, bone and gum deterioration, and face shape alteration. If you are a good candidate for an implant, the cost will be minimized by moving ahead as soon as you are able.

In most cases, there are good medical reasons for going forward with your dental implant as soon as you are able.

Start getting the career benefits and confidence that implants can provide

There are excellent emotional and career reasons for not delaying your dental implant. Having gaps in your smile can have negative effects on how colleagues and clients judge you. Socially, your implants can boost your confidence, increase your social opportunities, and improve others’ perception of you.

Financial reasons for moving ahead with your dental implant

Replacing a missing tooth immediately, instead of waiting, can save you more expensive treatments later. In fact, an implant can be one of the best investments you make this year.

With a success rate of 90-95%, your implant can save you future dental costs, increase your current and future earnings, and boost your overall sense of well-being.

Are implants affordable?

At Westbrook House Dental Surgery we practice the most conservative dentistry possible. We will first try and help you save your natural teeth. When an implant is the best way forward, we work hard to make quality implants affordable. Click here to read more about just how affordable implants can be at at Westbrook House Dental Surgery.

What’s the next step?

Reach out to at Westbrook House Dental Surgery by calling, filling out the contact form, or just starting with our online self assessment. The next step is a n0-obligation, no-cost initial consultation at at Westbrook House Dental Surgery. At the free consultation, our implant team will check the locations where an implant might be called for, check if you have adequate bone support and review other factors that influence the decision if you should get a dental implant. You will get a complete review of the options – and we will suggest a course of action that helps you get the smile that you need at a price that you can afford.  Of course, you will know the price in advance.